Why Mr Anderson, why. Personal Finance

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What’s this about?

So, as the title says, why? Simply, this is an effort to chronicle some of my knowledge for my friends and family in the hope that it provides them with some value and they can take my knowledge and apply it in their lives. This series of about 20 posts will be focused around money management and how ultimately this factors into my wider view points on life. For the very advanced this will be remedial in nature and maybe quite boring, this isn’t meant for you, go back to /r/WSB and keep losing money on Micron. This will not be one size fits all “safe” personal finance advice either, I have just a little more faith in peoples cognitive abilities when presented with facts and options than some literature on these issues.

What about me?

Why am I here though, that is the cumulative effect of years of experience on how things can go very wrong. I am a early 30’s guy in Western Australia working in IT for a SaaS company. My 20’s were lost in a series of bad decisions, depression and self depreciation culminating in a series of difficult years. In these I ended up relying on freelance or contract work, applying for 780 jobs and racking up some serious debt because of that. One thing I was absolutely certain about regardless of anything else was after I got out of that I was never going back. To that end, I spent endless hours educating myself about how to not go back there, this will distill that into a few hours of reading at most.

Where this is going?

It could be that no one will actually read this, not even the people this is intended for though I hope that they do but if one person can get some value out of what I have to say then it’ll make life easier for another person and they can experience what it’s like to break some financial shackles and get their personal finances under control. Money isn’t everything, even when your decision is eating or bills, but, it sure does help make things go alot smoother in life.

I have a good idea about what’s next to write, but, if there’s suggestions list them below or contact me.

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