Verge garden planting season has come

So planting has been taking place at last in the garden! Over the last month adding to the existing Rosemary and Lemongrass which are really taking off now and I hope provide a good wind barrier for the rest of the garden, I added the following herbs in early August;

  • Oregano
  • Marjoram
  • Peppermint
  • Mint
  • Thyme
  • Parsley

And to finish off I’ve added;

  • 1 x Eureka Lemon Tree
  • 1 x Imperial Mandarin Tree


In short, yes, I am hesitant given some local gardeners stories regarding putting fruit trees in then finding they get stolen but we can only hope for the best.

My plant choices are really being targeted to what would grow well with little assistance and what people would and could find genuinely useful if they took a sprig or two once the plants become established.

This especially was behind my choice of citrus trees which won’t need multiple plants to pollinate and the trees themselves with the Eureka Lemon being a fairly hardy but productive tree and the Imperial Mandarin as a fruiting tree which will require little actual preparation to eat the produce

Now all there is really is to make sure it’s well fertilised and then well watered coming into summer to really get established.

That’s almost all I can think about on this one, but, if there’s questions or suggestions list them below or contact me.